Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treat Goblins

Little ones and many adults look forward to Halloween each year. Trick or treaters ring doorbells in Waite Park with added energy. Raiding porch pots filled with candy. While racing to get these treats, remember to be careful when zigzagging across streets. Watch out for cars.

Whether, you hear a car, or not, look. Drivers will not always see people walking in the dark. Wear costumes with reflectors. Glow in the dark reflectors, sold at county fairs or those found on store shelves are great. Try solar lights. Many are cheap. The sun makes them look like flashlights at night.

McKay's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT suggest you walk in groups and never go off alone. Do not eat treats until checked by an adult. Stay clear of dark areas and be careful of cars moving too slowly. Do not stop to answer questions for people in the dark. There are plenty of adults and open stores able to assist lost travelers.

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