Preventive Maintenance will Save Money in the Long-Term

Taking the right steps to avoid big problems is usually a sound strategy in life. Nowhere is this truer than with automobiles. Following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule will often all but guarantee that significant problems never arise - which is where our mechanics at McKay's Chrysler Jeep Dodge come in.

Cars are complex machines that require routine maintenance to stay in top working condition. Something as simple as low coolant levels, a bad wheel bearing or an oil leak can potentially lead to catastrophic outcomes. Many of these fixes only cost a few tens of dollars. However, if allowed to persist, the catastrophic breakdowns they can result in, such as blown head gaskets or wheel failures, can lead to thousands of dollars in costs or the total write-off of the car.

Our showroom in Waite Park, MN has the most qualified technicians you'll find. Schedule an appointment today, and keep your car running smoothly and on the road for many years to come at 2020 Frontage Road S!

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