What Wi-Fi capability is in Chrysler 300?

Keeping connected to Wi-Fi is a chore when traveling. The drive enters blank spots with no coverage and then locations where multiple Wi-Fi opportunities exist. Recognizing that communication is an important aspect of any family’s life, Chrysler engineers added a Wi-Fi package to every Chrysler 300.

Every Chrysler 300 has a Wi-Fi built into its system that keeps constant communication possible. With an existing Wi-Fi service in your car, you can access music, video, satellite transmissions, and smartphone carriers. Sirius Radio comes in without a hitch and passengers can stream videos at will. Navigation is a cinch with a Wi-Fi connection and a display unit to guide you. When you need to retain contact with home or others, using your Wi-Fi connection makes communication possible at all times.

At McKay’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge we can demonstrate the advantages of keeping in continuous contact through a Wi-Fi connection.

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